issue twelve


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Our interview with David Webster, head of IDEO in San Fransisco, discusses IDEO’s way of working and managing a diverse set of clients and projects.

Henrik Otto, Electrolux’s senior vice president for global design, was another significant interview. In this issue he tells us how design within a global manufacturing group is coordinated and managed across their worldwide group of design studios.

From Philips Design, Stefano Marzano shares his philosophy on design management.

In our coverage of the Australian Design Awards, we tell the story behind a surfboard fin that stole the show. It’s a simple product created from complex research.

We also bring you profiles on leaders of industry who have been recognised in the Victorian Government’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame. Curve was a proud sponsor of the awards ceremony.

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Women take over technology

The notion that men love gadgets is one that’s likely to die hard, but the fact is that women now buy more gadgets than men – at least in the US. According to the Consumer Electronics Association in America, women spent $55 billion of the $96 billion spent on electronic goods in 2003.

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Slow and steady

The notion of overt and superficial consumption has often been associated as a defining paradigm of fashion. Fashion is embedded in a perceived culture of frivolity and superficiality.

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Daydream believer

Daydream believer

The Solivoid was created as a lounge space for visitors to Designex in Melbourne this year. The inflatable floating construction provided a welcome break from the hectic exhibition atmosphere

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Praise for industry leaders

Ten outstanding Australian companies have been inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame, a State Government initiative to honour role models of industry.

Simplicity wins

Simplicity wins

In March this year fifty prestigious iF product design awards were presented to winners from a select group of 542 finalists.

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The Australian Design Awards

The Australian Design Awards

The winner of the overall Australian Design Award this year was Sydney based Surf Hardware International. The award recognised the company’s design and development of the H2 surfboard fin, a simple product with an impressive history.

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World wide masters

World wide masters

David Webster, head of IDEO San Francisco, believes IDEO’s outstanding global success reflects a philosophy of listening and collaboration.

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