Design teams from around the world recently submitted entries in three categories; Best of Product, Best of Material and Best of Idea. Independent judges from Germany and Switzerland judged over three hundred entries accross the three categories.

A shortlist of twenty-three entrants featured innovations in computer technology, lighting, seating and cycling.

The Best of Product was awarded to ‘Simply’, a bag from the Bree Collection KG. Designed by Christian Reichert and Ivona Pop, Simply is a leather bag, constructed in a minimalist design where the leather is dyed, while keeping the bag’s natural look.

The Sensitile from the USA won the Best of Materials award. A technological breakthrough, the Sensitile is an interlocking series of plastic light conductors. The conductors react to lights and shadows, and transfer them to other parts of the Sensitile. Designed for use in architectural design, the Sensitile is an innovative and completely original material.

The judging panel decided to give the Best of Idea award to the “wood.e” created by Transalpin, Mindelheim. It is a carefully designed piece of moulded wood, which, when connected to a 12V power source allows the user to insert sockets from other products anywhere on its surface.

Following on from the success of the 2004 awards, International Forum Design (iF) is already preparing for the 2005 program. Organisers believe that these awards will become the benchmark for product and material design all over the world.


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