Called the Burgopak, the design has a world patent and reflects the push from many companies towards improved packaging as part of an overall sales and marketing strategy.

Featuring a patented opening mechanism, increased print area and product protection the Burgopak is available worldwide, with support offices in the UK, USA and Germany.

Based in the UK, Wharton studied transport design at Coventry University where he came up with the idea for the pack. He applied for a patent in 1998, and has been working on it ever since.

A simple pull on the opening tab causes the disc tray to effortlessly appear from the opposite end, by means of a belt-driven mechanism inside the case. 

To close the case, a gentle push of the same tab simultaneously returns both ends securely into the casing. This eliminates the need for fragile hinge, which, according to research, is the leading reason for consumer dissatisfaction with disc cases.

Burgopak can be adapted to a wide range of uses and has been adopted by major corporations including Sony, National Geographic and Ericsson. Most recently Coldplay released their Live 2003 DVD in a Burgopak.

The pack is constructed from a combination of cardboard and plastic and the thickness of the pack ranges from 10mm for a CD pack to 36mm for a camera pack. The packaging can house almost anything from cosmetics to pens and cameras to mobile telephones.  

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