Kavalier have produced glassware since 1837 and specialise in household glassware such as cooking and casserole dishes. The new products are part of a more fashion driven range.

Designerske Studio was unfortunately flooded up to two metres during the recent Prague flood disaster and much of the studio’s work and documentation has been lost.

The ‘Excellent Product of the Year Awards’ are sponsored by Design Centrum, the centre for design in the Czech Republic.

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Partnerships that sustain

A huge gap exists between the North and the South of the world in terms of use of natural resources: twenty percent of the world’s population is using eighty percent of its natural resources while eighty percent of the world’s population is poverty-stricken.

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Taking colour and trim for a spin

Taking colour and trim for a spin

Curve editor Belinda Stening spoke to Alexandra Korndörfer, BMW’s International head of colour and trim design for the M and Individual vehicles, when she was in Melbourne recently.

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Partners produce export earnings

Partners produce export earnings

A project involving teams of research scientists at the Cooperative Research Centre – Polymers (CRC-P) in Melbourne, and a team of engineers from Olex Australia has led to the launch of a special polymer compound that turns from plastic to ceramic when exposed to fire.