Readers may have already witnessed the dramatic effects of the Wovin Wall in restaurants or shop displays around the harbour city. The Wovin Wall, a seemingly simple concept that allows you to shape and design your own wall, is so lightweight and easy to handle that you can put it together by yourself.

The wall system comes with a variable range of ‘tiles’ made from hoop pine or recycled polypropylene. The tiles, which can be printed and come in a range of custom finishes, clip into a grid shaped aluminium framework. 

The structural framework is a lightweight construction of aluminium brackets fixed together with plastic joiners (moulded in ABS). The joiners slide onto the end of each bracket while corner joiners are used to protect exposed edges.

Once assembled, the framework can be screwed to an existing wall or partition to provide a strong visual statement. The system can also be used as a stand-alone screen. 

Power and speaker cables can run discreetly behind the ‘tiles’ so that lighting and sound can be an integral part of the Wovin Wall system.

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