“A recorded message is sent over the internet – in a private coded format. The locked audio message is then transferred into the bubble,” Manion explained. The message can be up to sixty seconds in length. The basic module consists of circuitry, a switch, an in-built microphone, a speaker and replaceable batteries. “It’s not rocket science and the technology already exists. It’s just a fun way of using the technology.”

Slattery and Elmore, design consultants in Melbourne, created the design concepts with Manion, and detailed the bubble ready for production. A low volume sample run of 150 units was produced for promoting to international distributors.

According to Manion, speech bubbles enable corporations to broadcast messages about anything from a new product launch to a Christmas Party. 

The eye-catching, jewel like bubbles can be replayed over and over with the push of a button.

The three dimensional speech bubbles fit snugly into the palm of your hand. Various forms, colours and finishes are being developed. There are plans for a football shaped version in team colours, carrying a message from a famous footy hero.

Giftspeak now has a distributor in Australia and is currently negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to produce an initial 50,000 units. The bubble was well received at the Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair in April this year.

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