It seems the design team at Holden led by chief designer, Richard Ferlazzo, have let their hair down with this dream project. As a concept car, Efigy has brought together almost twenty suppliers to create the latest in mechanical features, electronics, materials and ideas.

General Motors’ chairman Denny Mooney, said the Efigy project was a statement about the creative talent in Holden’s design ranks.

“The project was developed as a collaboration with suppliers which reduced the impact on the company’s heavy work schedule and ensured the highest quality result for the showcar,” he said.

“Efigy is about fun, emotion and imagination. It shows what a bunch of clever and talented designers can do when they are let loose to create something really wild.”

Ferlazzo sketched the first designs for Efigy in 1989. He said the car existed purely for automotive entertainment.

“Efigy is our accolade to the talented designers who cut loose with some fantastically flamboyant styling in the post-war 1940s and 1950s,” said Ferlazzo.

“Efigy is also aimed at the legions of custom car and hot rod enthusiasts out there whose appetites aren’t generally met in the concept car arena.

“Most importantly, it sends a message that the same people who have sensible day jobs designing entirely practical cars have the passion and the inspiration to create something as outrageous as Efigy.”

The custom car has a Chevrolet Corvette underbody combined with some of the latest automotive technology. Efigy’s prowling appearance is accentuated by the air adjustable suspension, controlled by the touch of an LCD screen, and it can slink to a low 27mm from the ground. 

Expansion ahead

GM Holden is significantly expanding its Port Melbourne design centre to design vehicles for General Motors markets around the world.

The Port Melbourne design operations will be GM’s third largest design centre behind its Detroit and Russelheim centres in the US and Germany.

As part of the largest design recruitment program in company history, GM Holden will employ sixty-nine new designers for Australian operations with local staff increasing from 107 to 176.

“This decision means the coming of age for GM Holden design, its place in the GM design world and frankly, the world of design in general,” said Ed Welburn, general motors vice president, global design.

Anthony Stolfo, design director said the company is recruiting technical experts in technical design, colour and trim, creative design, digital sculpting, modelling and fabrication, design quality and visualisation.

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