The overall Best of Show industry winner was Dur-O-glandTM, a bulk liquid storage bag seal mechanism designed and developed by Entapack Pty Ltd. 

Dur-O-gland is the first design of its type with an innovative application of co-moulding. The seal ring is co-injection moulded with a bag fitting.

This provides a seal when the bag is filled and removes the void between the seal and the screw cap, resulting in a superior ‘food grade’ seal for industrial, medicinal and catering applications.

Two distinctly different materials are used, a hard polyethylene fitting and a soft thermoplastic rubber seal.

The winner of the Southern Cross Packaging Awards Best of Show was student Lisa Cheung from Monash University for her design of a retail shopping bag, The Tea Tree.

The bag’s handle contains a whisk and spoon for making tea and the body of the bag folds to form a placemat to create a setting for a tea ceremony.

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