This year’s awards attracted hundreds of entries from a diverse field of talented designers. His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery, Governor General of Australia, announced the winner of the 2004 Australian Design Award, the Ford Territory.

Governor Jeffery gave an inspiring speech in which he praised the outstanding achievements of Australian designers.

“We Australians never miss an opportunity to recognise great achievements on the global stage by our sporting stars and entertainers – and that’s a good thing, of course... but I do wish we could have equal awareness of – and give equal prominence to – our wonderful, world-class designers.

“More than just producing beautiful objects and efficient machines, they actually design things that improve the way we live our lives.

“By harnessing creativity and science – and by living the ethos of innovation – Australian industry is regularly achieving design breakthroughs and that, surely, is something we should be celebrating and telling the world about.”

Governor Jeffery told the awards’ audience that he hoped the design industry would continue to encourage excellence.

“Since taking up my role last year, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing excellence in so many areas of endeavour – everything from fine wool-growing to environmental rehabilitation; from Aboriginal education to stem cell research and, tonight, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the pursuit and achievement of excellence in design.

“The awards have reinforced my view that Australia can become what I like to call a ‘nation of excellence – the global example’ in just about any field we choose to turn our minds to and, I suggest, that it is as a nation of excellence that we will guarantee
our long-term prosperity and survival.”  

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