“This is a time when old ideas of manufacturing are being re-evaluated by the design industry and new possibilities are surfacing, which have the potential to alter dramatically the way we make, choose and consume our products,” says Chris Lefteri, industrial designer and author.

Products can be manufactured in many ways, and most product designers know only a handful of techniques. This expanded 2019 edition includes six new processes and a new section on joining. With specially commissioned diagrams, case studies and photographs of manufacturing processes, Making It uses contemporary design to describe over a hundred and twenty production processes. Each process is evaluated in terms of sustainability and its effects on the environment.

“Increasingly manufacturing is seen as a tool for designing new opportunities, to bring new materials and ideas to new methods of production and to experiment with preconceived volumes of production,” Lefteri says.

Making It is divided into sections based on the shapes of components that can be produced using each process. It provides clear and basic instructions with visuals to describe the principles of each process and the steps that are taken to produce a component. The key points are listed for each manufacturing process and the pros and cons are provided in bullet-point notes.

Ideal production volumes for each process and unit price versus capital investment details are indicated. Speed of production, surface treatments, shape complexity, tolerances, relevant materials, example products, similar production methods and sustainability issues are included for each process.

Making It is an invaluable addition to the designer’s toolbox. A creatively stimulating and deeply informative resource for bringing ideas to life.” Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO.

Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design Third Edition by Chris Lefteri is available at www.laurenceking.com

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