Much of the student work has been created with direct industry support or mentorship with industry experts. Projects on display are research-driven and support a well-defined user-centred design approach.
They include designs for five Chinese and Hong Kong-based manufacturers from a live brief, direct client engagement, visiting factories and live presentations in China.

Two projects will go into production in 2019, the Myriad Bed System, designed for Hong Kong nano-apartments by Laura Tune, and the Mainetti Travel Coat Hanger by Vanessa Cruz. They will also be exhibited at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong in December.


Projects with local industry mentorship include a novel method for public transportation in the emerging and important rail corridor between Geelong and Melbourne; an air purifier and terrarium that aims to be aesthetically pleasing and increase indoor green space; floating solar panels aim to reinvigorate regional centres; a spacesuit that can also be used on Earth for rehabilitation (Perrin Boseley's Advanced Resistance Device, image above) and a new type of underwater propulsion.

GradEx Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering opening night on 28 November is held during Swinburne Design Week 23 - 30 November.

For information about student work contact:

Denis Smitka
Course Director, Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)
Faculty of Health, Arts and Design
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia

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