Escher X nendo l Between Two Worlds is the first exhibition in the world to feature the inspiring work of Escher in collaboration with the work of nendo, led by chief designer and founder, Oki Sato. The exhibition of two worlds (that become one) features over 150 Escher prints and drawings from the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and new works from nendo.

Referencing Escher’s illusionary works, nendo’s otherworldly spatial installations take manipulation of space, shifting perspectives and the use of playful visual devices to a higher level. The exhibition experience is transforming. 

Nendo uses a minimal house motif form for the design of the exhibition, universally understood as an icon and symbol of space. The house appears throughout the exhibition in ways that create clever displays, masterful moments and capture the essence of Escher’s ground-breaking works.

“Escher’s logical, math-based ideas and interests have inspired nendo’s work process and served as a base for the creation of this exhibition design and new collection of works. The different installations vary in scale and in spatial impact, enabling the visitor to experience Escher’s world in a very physical way. It’s as if they are walking inside Escher’s mind, but seeing the exhibition through their own eyes,” says Sato.

Images of installation views of Escher x nendo | Between Two Worlds exhibition space at NGV International by Sean Fennessy

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