Otera Oyatsu Club receives food donated to Buddhist temples throughout Japan and distributes the food to single parent families experiencing economic difficulty. The program connects temples to communities in need so that food and essential items go directly to struggling families and children.

According to Otera Oyatsu Club, one in seven children in Japan are living in poverty, and the number of children with access to one basic meal a day is increasing. In Japan, a lot of food is served in Buddhist temples. The Temple activities for solving poverty problems program aims to solve the problem of children and families in poverty by giving surplus temple food to those in need.

The Good Design Grand Award is given to a design that marks a milestone in Japanese society as a design that symbolises the times. 2018 Good Design Award judges, winners of Good Design Awards and visitors to the Good Design exhibitions held in Tokyo Midtown in October voted for the Good Design Grand Award winner.

“Knowing that ‘beauty’ or aesthetic appeal will be essential as future society takes shape through good design, we identified it as a key concept in this year's program. As jury members evaluated entries, this topic was discussed even more thoroughly than in past years. Instead of restricting the meaning of ‘beauty’ to a single thing, we should understand that it is defined in many ways and continues to change with the times,” explains Fumie Shibata, Jury Chair, Product Designer, Representative Director, Design Studio S and Professor, Musashino Art University.

There were nineteen, 2018 Good Design Gold Award winners, these include - aibo, the entertainment robot that gives people at home a companion to connect with, raise and love by Sony and Fujifilm Calneo Xair the first portable x-ray system designed for home medical care.

The Gogoro Energy and Transportation Platform system combines the Gogoro Energy Network - GoStation, Gogoro SmartBattery, Gogoro Control Centre and Gogoro Smartscooter and offers a modular end-to-end solution for consumers and businesses to access and subscribe to portable energy easily. 

YKK Corporation’s QuickFree zip is designed for children and the elderly. Cosmo Leap Σ by Konica Minolta, is an optical projector for educational planetariums and is the smallest projector in its class worldwide and Bamboo Bicycle is designed by CV Piranti Works.

Food Hub Project is a small local food system for farming & food culture in Japan with a “farm local, eat local” ethos as a core value. A collaborative project, it preserves the local agricultural and culinary culture of rural mountain village, Kamiyama on the Japanese island of Shikoku and passes knowledge onto future generations.

One of three 2018 Good Focus Awards for New Business Design is Creccha by esoraworks, that reproduces the unique scribbles of a child into a three-dimensional stuffed toy. The toys are a unique one-off designed by a child, as an expression of their creativity.

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