The Planet 2.0 is designed as a meeting room for two in open plan offices with limited space. The Planet is designed for working alone and doubles as a private lounge zone.

Both Planets offer a multifunctional private space with sound absorbing panels. They are designed for co-working spaces and open plan officeswhere you need a quiet, comfortable place to work, meet, relax or think. Both models are easy to personalise or can be used as a shared space.

The interior shell is padded with a segmented ergonomic mattress, matched to the same colour as the interior colour tone. An LED panel light provides illumination for reading.

A small shelf to store your laptop and small items allows you to set up a small work surface in the Planet 2.0. A storage pocket makes sure you keep track of small items. There is a USB charging station inside the shell for devices.

A speaker system provides for your favourite music to work or relax to.  And to complete the offering the outer surface of the overhead panels can feature solar panels when you need to work outside. MZPA [mazepa] seem to have thought about everything you could possibly need in a Planet to work or relax.

The triangular panels are made from plywood, finished with oil and wax. The frame, connectors and base are made from powder coated steel. Both Planets are easily assembled and disassembled and are delivered flat packed.

Planet 2.0 is 1.7 metres high x 1.9 metres wide, weighing 150 kg. The Planet is 1.4 metres wide and weighs 120kg.

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