From Dreyfuss and Eames to today’s leaders in industrial design, over 300 objects are featured with 400 colour and black and white photographs including historical images of mass production and manufacturing, in the UK, Europe and United States.

Industrial Design in the Modern Age features George R Kravis II’s enormous private collection, of some 4000 objects and products, produced from the late 1800s and housed in the Kravis Design Centre (Tulsa, Oklahoma).

The collection includes furniture, drawings, ceramics, metalwork, textiles, cars, graphic design - including product brochures, advertisements and patent drawings, providing broad insight into each era, object, product and detailing the design, production and marketing strategy.

The largest number of products and ephemera in the collection are by American industrial designers who practised after World War 1, and European designers, some anonymous.

Sparke and contributing academics discuss the design details of each object to tell the complete story of their design, development, manufacture and distribution over the past 100 years. The book shows the results of creative decision making through the vast range of objects in the collection designed and produced since the late 1800s.

The book documents how industrial design is as relevant today as it was over a hundred years ago. It discusses how industrial design continues to play an integral role in the creation and development of products incorporating and embracing new technologies and manufacturing models.

It shows how industrial designers continue to demonstrate their awareness and understanding of societal needs and the needs of everyday people. Their flexibility and open-minded approach to object design has created the objects that exist in our homes, workplaces and public spaces, worldwide.

Industrial Design in the Modern Age by Penny Sparke, published by Rizzoli Electa 2018 is due for release in April this year in hardcover.

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