The charity recently engaged Grimshaw Architects and Porter Davis to design the Australian-made Nestd modular studios and tiny homes for quick and affordable installation in backyards and small spaces.

“Nestd makes the compact home a viable option for Australian homeowners to make the most of their existing space, whether that’s keeping older family members at home in comfort for longer, providing respite for growing young adults, or creating a new business space or a holiday rental,” says Kieran Callan, General Manager at Nestd.

“The Nestd initiative is responding to Australia’s increased demand for higher density housing solutions, our ageing population, the decrease of housing affordability and the growing popularity of the sharing economy,” Callan says.

“All proceeds are returned back to the work of the charity, meaning one tiny house has the opportunity to put a roof over an at-risk young person’s head,” he explains.

The architecturally-designed tiny homes have sleeping and living spaces, bathrooms and kitchens, with options for solar and water capture solutions. Recent collaborations with architects and designers on the modular studio designs have added further options.

Nestd studios are built with environmentally responsible materials and are 6-Star energy rated. The designs can accommodate people with restricted mobility with wider doorways, bathrooms and turning circles. 

The studios are rated as a house and are backed by the seven-year Housebuilders Guarantee. They are bushfire rated and can handle extreme environments including coastal locations or cyclone-prone regions. 

“We know that there is a drive and desire to find the perfect tiny home solution, especially in our popular inner-city environments,” says Kieran.

Kids Under Cover and the Nestd social enterprise are helping to keep families together by providing relocatable studios for young people in a carer’s or family’s backyard. Established in 1989, Kids Under Cover is a not‑for‑profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness.

Nestd studios give at-risk young people a chance to stay close to their families or carers, while providing them with the valuable space they need. The provision of secure accommodation is complemented with further education and training scholarships to financially assist young people motivated to achieve higher education.

This unique combination of accommodation and educational support helps to keep families together and young people connected to education and the community.

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