The awards provide an opportunity for businesses and the community to better understand the role of design in making products, services, spaces and experiences more functional, safe, efficient and attractive. The awards help raise awareness of the impact design can have on productivity and business outcomes and the role it plays in shaping a better environment and society.

The Victorian Government sees design is a strategic business capability and an important enabler of innovation and creativity for the growth of Victorian businesses and communities.

There are fifty-two finalists in the Product Design category alone. A strong indication of the growth in local product design start-ups and entrepreneurial design success stories in Victoria.

Blamey Saunders’ Facett, is the world’s first modular hearing aid, co-designed with hearing aid users, that provides unparalleled ease of use, upgradability options and aesthetic appeal. The innovative hearing aid features magnetic modules that click easily into place, simplifying daily maintenance tasks and empowering people who have dexterity issues and visual impairments with independence.

The Cinch chair by Marc French and Co and Box Clever is designed as a system that addresses how we ship, build, use, upgrade, repair, and store the chair. Furniture brands position to be known for either quality or convenience. Cinch is sold as a flat packaged kit that reduces shipping volume and does not require any tools to assemble. The main parts are made from sustainably forested or reclaimed wood and all parts can be replaced or upgraded over time.

Mobicase by Rovingwork and Kieran Ball is a two-in-one laptop case and stand, designed to assist the rapidly growing number of mobile teleworkers to work effectively, efficiently and ergonomically in any location. The inbuilt laptop stand can be deployed or collapsed in seconds, raising laptop screen height by up to twenty centimetres. Mobicase was a crowdfunding success, raising over AUD$350000 in pre-sales between Kickstarter and Indiegogo and achieving more than 440 per cent of the funding goal. The success of Mobicase has launched roving work globally as a premium brand, now with more than two thousand customers in over forty countries.

The m100 Multitool by Tacticagear combines the latest material technology to deliver a portable, adaptable and highly functional pocket multi-tool. Featuring more than eighteen tools, it includes metric and imperial wrenches and rulers, box cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver with light and heavy-duty sockets. An internal storage chamber carries hex bits.

Finalists undergo a Second Round Evaluation where Best in Category Winners and the Victorian Premier’s Design Award of the Year are decided. Winners are announced on 12 September at the Victorian Premier's Design Awards Ceremony in Melbourne.


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