The architects and panel of keynote speakers for UTZON 100:NEXT GENERATION will examine and discuss Utzon’s approach to engineering, design and architectural practice and how it has influenced designers and architects. They will talk about Utzon’s architectural reputation in Denmark, the much-loved ‘Utzon style’, and how Jørn Utzon’s legacy is being preserved.

Speakers include Danish architects and designers Mette Tony and Mads Bjorn Hansen from Praksis Architects and Soren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted from Hohansen Skovsted Arkiteker.

Praksis is an award-winning Danish architectural firm. They were awarded Scandinavia’s most prestigious architectural award, the Nykredit Architecture Award. They are currently exhibiting at Venice Biennale of Architecture. Skovsted recently received the Danish Crown Prince Couple Stardust Prize for emerging innovative cultural producers. 

Discussions will be moderated by Professor Gerard Reinmuth, academic, architect, designer and director of Australian architectural practice, TERROIR.

The event includes an Australian premiere viewing of the documentary Jørn Utzon: The Man and the Architect and private access to HORIZONT an exhibition celebrating his work.

Jørn Utzon: The Man and the Architect directed by documentary filmmakers Lene Borch Hansen and Anna von Lowzow tells the story of Utzon, his unique talent as an architect and also gives insight into Utzon as a humanitarian and sensitive man, through the eyes and hearts of his family, colleagues and close friends.

The screening will be preceded by a question and answer session with the film’s director Lene Borch Hansen, Utzon’s daughter, artist Lin Utzon and Director of the Utzon Center Denmark, Lasse Andersson.

A special launch event and private viewing of HORISONT, a photographic exhibition  celebrating Utzon’s work gives insights into his inspirational global travels. HORISONT celebrates design inspiration from Utzon’s global travels across China, Hawaii, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Morocco, Mexico and the United States.

It highlights how his architecture and design was influenced by his studies of foreign and ancient building traditions. The exhibition is curated by Line Nørskov Eriksen from the Utzon Center, Denmark.

“As Sydneysiders we are all very familiar with the Opera House, but how well do we really understand the design principles that produced it, and how much do we know about Utzon’s architectural practices? This event is a rare opportunity to delve into the craft behind the icon, and to learn from practicing Danish architects what they most value in Utzon’s work and legacy,” says Dr Edwina Throsby, Head of Talks & Ideas at Sydney Opera House.

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