Existing projects that meet social challenges, including corporate social responsibility programs, individual initiatives or measures introduced for the long term, are all eligible to take part. 

“The size of the project is irrelevant - what counts are the ideas on how to deal with the social challenges we face. In addition to our active promotion of young, new talent, this prize is our contribution to society. What we aim to do is to make the many, diverse social activities and commitment of people and organisations more visible, to honour those efforts and to award prize money to the best entries,” says iF CEO Ralph Wiegmann about the new initiative.

All the projects that are entered in the iF Social Impact Prize and compete for the prize money will also be published free of charge in the iF World Design Guide, promoted by iF as the world’s largest design portal.

From the Design Guide, all participating projects will be promoted to the global design community, the media and broader global public audience with an interest in design.

Topics include - 1. Life & Work; 2. Health & Demographic Change; 3. Places & Cities; 4. Nature & Planet

For further details about registration go to www.ifworlddesignguide.com

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