Dragt has over 15 years experience in trend research, spotting and analysing seeds of change for agencies and clients including Viacom, Nike and ABN AMRO. Dragt lectures at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in The Netherlands.

Her approach to trends research is structured and unbiased, away from crystal ball gazing and offers practical hands-on techniques to researching trends. Dragt explains multiple ways to combine intuitive and analytical research to track and record change and emerging shifts in the needs and wants of people and consumers.

Human centred design is all about understanding and empathising with people. By professionally researching trends you gain a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of populations and communities, now and into the future. This means you can be better informed about trend insights that are essential to innovation processes. A clear understanding of trends can future proof concepts that improve the future and the quality of everyday life.

Based on a structured three-step method, Dragt explains how to scan your environment for signs of change such as emerging values and the needs of groups in society, to analyse trend spots and to apply trend insights to kickstart innovation.

Released by BIS Publishers, How to Research Trends, includes interviews with experts and students to guide the trend research journey.

Dragt’s new website howtoreseachtrends.com expands on her research and the work of future thinkers.

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