Tecno and Grimshaw have partnered on design projects for over 25 years. “Industrial design is part of Grimshaw’s DNA and we have long since enjoyed designing at macro and micro scales. Creating aspirational transit environments not only extends to the building itself but to the products people use,” said Andrew Whalley, Grimshaw Deputy Chairman.


Aeris can be arranged in multiple formats to suit airport passenger terminal spaces and the needs of passengers and people in a busy airport environment. The Grimshaw industrial design team developed Aeris over 12 months in collaboration with Tecno.

Aeris is elegant and robust. With a striking technical aesthetic and feel, Aeris features a strong, structural die-cast aluminium leg design that assembles onto a three-point profile extruded beam.

Power and USB connectivity are incorporated and a maximum of five seats can be added to each central star-shaped support beam. Cantilevered side tables can also be added. The seats are designed for flexibility and comfort with a gentle incline for your back. Higher backrests are optional.

Passengers in busy airport transit spaces need comfortable ergonomically designed seating that can adapt to their needs. Versatility is key to Tecno’s design ethos. The Grimshaw design brief was for a system that improved accessibility and ergonomics.

The design team experimented with armrest heights and varying thicknesses and finishes for individual seats. Aeris armrests come in two heights; one at the natural armrest height; the other at a lower level when positioned next to a table or for sitting in an airport lounge.

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