The eight stories are about design projects and solutions ranging from new library services and responsible construction proceedures, to on-demand public transport and solving youth homelessness.

The stories are written in plain language, without design jargon, to make it easy for anyone to engage with its content. They are real stories about how to build design-driven cities brick by brick. was produced by the Design Driven City project, sponsored by the International Design Foundation and the City of Helsinki.

“We are often asked what city design really means. I believe that case studies from everyday life are a good introduction to the theme, and we want to share our best practices,” says Laura Aalto, Director of Communications for Design Driven City.





“All cities look for new ways to renew themselves and to develop themselves together with citizens,” adds Aalto. “Design thinking should be a part of human-oriented development of cities. Designers have the talent and methods to create understanding and shared goals for city developers and users.”

Helsinki was declared a City of Design by UNESCO earlier this year. Designers, collaborators and the Design Driven City initiative are working towards strengthening the role of design in the city, and are driving design thinking practices across multiple public services and institutions.

Images by Aleksi Poutanen

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