As part of the World Design Capital Taipei 2016 program, Taipei is providing funding for collaborative projects that resolve Taipei’s urban problems under the themes of Life Quality and Health; Ecological Sustainability, Urban Regeneration and Smart Living.


Taipei is calling for innovative and practical designs, and is asking for global participation from design communities around the world. The project outcomes are expected to be broad from consumer product design to social and urban design.

A minimum of six projects will require Taipei-based design groups to partner with international design groups to work together with local citizens to find innovative solutions to problems in a social design context.

Proposals for collaborative projects and partnerships from design teams with or without previous experience in Taipei will be considered.

The total funding figure for the project is stated as NTD 24 million (USD 727 000). Funding includes at least two major proposals and a minimum of four general proposals. Collaborative budgets exceeding NTD 5 million are considered 'Supernova' proposals and collaborative budgets requiring less are considered 'Planet' proposals.

The deadline for applications is 30 November, 2015. An initial review for acceptance starts in December with final selection in mid-December and winning proposals are announced at the end of December on the official WDC site.

Submission guidelines and Open Call Brief


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