Change Ahead is about emerging practices at the intersection of business strategy, research, and design. It reveals new philosophies, working processes, and approaches to business creation and development.

It introduces the need for an adventurous, explorative mindset in order to grow businesses that last by creating meaning and relevance with and for people.

Carola Verschoor is the founder of GROH! She is an innovator, growth agent, brand builder, creative doer, marketing strategist, and foodie. Her natural habitat is where innovation, marketing and design intersect.

Change Ahead is a must-read in changing times. It discusses what business needs to do as we emerge out of the industrial model and into an age of creative empowerment.

Verschoor provides practical tools for businesses to assist them to evolve adaptive systems through an integrative model of learning and doing, understanding and making, research and design.

The book features short interviews with 42 pioneers and experts, who were each asked a few simple questions. Their widely different responses reflect the past and a glimpse of the future.

Change Ahead can be purchased via BIS Publishers and leading design bookstores.

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