Writer and troubleshooter Igor Byttebier and idea DJ, Ramon Vullings are the masterminds behind this fast-paced and educational guide for understanding creativity and generating ideas.

Published by BIS, Creativity in Business is an educational workbook divided into insight and training pages. The chapters take you through a 4 step creativity process, starting with the basics of creativity and breaking the creative process down to reveal how we can come up with ideas and how to select the right ideas for your unique situation.

Creativity in Business is the revised and updated version of Creativity Today a book used by thousands of business managers and educators worldwide. It is an essential guide to creativity for businesses and organisations wanting to become more creative, or to promote new ideas in their workplace.

Find out how to turn Idea killers into Idea boosters! And download the inspirational Idea killers and Idea boosters posters featured in the book.


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