The Smart Flexibility international touring exhibition showcases advanced material and technology projects from 10 countries, investigating the flexibility and reactivity of materials and advanced technologies. Three projects are from RMIT design researchers.

“The exhibition illustrates the result of combining flexible structures and active materials to form systems that interact with the environment and people,” says Materfad, Materials Library Manager, Valérie Bergeron.

Through materials and technologies the exhibition reformulates concepts such as flexibility, activity, energy efficiency, structural capacity, sensitivity, reactivity, control, function and form.

Smart and flexible architecture, reactive garments, harvesting of wind and solar power, electrical and thermal energy generation, adaptation to climatic conditions, acoustics and the lighting environment, user detection and modification of a space according to a person’s body, movements or emotions are the challenges of tomorrow’s spaces and are the guidelines for the exhibition.

Smart Flexibility: Advanced Materials and Technologies opens Friday 24 July.

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