The international design team at Dutch bicycle manufacturer Vanmoof have collaborated with technology companies including Vodafone, Phillips and SRAM to bring an innovative and functional electric bicycle to urban commuters.

Vanmoof claims to pursue one goal: help the ambitious city dweller move around town fast, confident and in style. Vanmoof Electrified, with its onboard computer monitor that kicks the 250-watt motor into action when its needed, certainly has all those bases covered.

In terms of confidence, the most notable feature to instil confidence in owners is the GPS-tracking technology, which has been developed with the help of telecommunications company Vodafone, to ensure that if the bike is lost or stolen it can be easily tracked. This can be done in seconds via an app on the owner’s smartphone.

Before being unleashed onto the public, the Vanmoof Electrified has been tested out on commuters. One in particular, Adam Richmond, of Miami, Florida, was rather pleased about this tracking feature.

“With my Vanmoof Electrified I rediscovered the freedom that cycling can bring. That feeling came to a halt last month when I came outside and saw emptiness where I park my Vanmoof: it had been stolen,” says Richmond.

“One of the features that had first turned me on to the Vanmoof Electrified was its GPS tracking ability. I used the app to track my bike, providing me with its exact location. Using this information, the West Palm Beach Police Department recovered my bike and returned it to me, unharmed, within hours of the theft. I’ll sleep easy now, and look forward to my morning ride.”

In addition to its functionality, the Vanmoof Electrified also has style and has even been nominated E-bike of the year 2014 by cycling organisation RAI.

Although it can be ridden without electrical assistance, the rider can at anytime get a bit of help on those uphills via the dashboard. Integrated into the lightweight anodised aluminium frame, the dashboard provides an intelligent interface between the cyclists and the bike, enabling them to keep track of battery life and motor supply at a glance. There is also a remote control feature, which enables users to turn their bike on and off by simply depressing the keypad.

Other interesting features include the built-in Philips lighting system, which is integrated into the top tube to provide LED lighting at the front and rear, and a SRAM drivetrain with an enclosed antirust chain.

Commuters who want to get their hands on this latest e-bike innovation don’t have to wait long as it will be available globally from 1 July 2014 for €2248.


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