The newest editions to the KeepCup range - KeepCup Brew and the KeepCup Brew Limited Edition Cork are for the premium speciality coffee consumer.

Brew is an extension to the commuter range allowing consumers to take the cafe experience with them on their travels. The cup is for those who are serious about their coffee and also for lovers of fine tea.

"We think of ourselves as a campaign supported by a product, where the best reuseable is the one you use. Ours just happens to be pretty awesome," says Abigail Forsyth co-founder and CEO of KeepCup.

"With KeepCup Brew we hope to engage a broader audience and reignite the pasion of early adopters to commit to our core mission - reducing disposable cup waste."

KeepCup say the new lid is one of the most technically difficult achievements of the Brew product - placing a hard lid over a hard cup was challenging. The new lid improves both the seal and the drinking experience.

The Brew features a limited edition cork band around its middle to insulate your hand from heat, designed to develop a patina over time - telling the story of its use.

The tempered glass is resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. The hard lid is designed for ease of use and features a large drinking hole so you can fully experience the aroma and texture of your drink. (There is even a greater angle in the lid for nose clearance...and an improved splash proof seal.) A plug covers the mouthpiece when the cup is not in use.

KeepCup Brew is double the price of the original KeepCup but for coffee connoisseurs - it's a must have.

With offices in Melbourne (Australia), London and Los Angeles, this little coffee cup and family have gone to all corners of the globe - promoting the "Re-use Revolution".  


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