Lotus is known for its iconic fast cars but in a licensing deal with Kodewa Performance Motorcycles, it has made its first foray into motorcycle design with the Lotus C-01, which features a distinctive body designed by vehicle concept designer Daniel Simon.

The Lotus C-01 has been two years in the making. It’s the result of a vision by Dr Colin Kolles, co-founder of Germany-based Kodewa and veteran of the auto-racing industry, to create a Lotus superbike with integrated racing technology. “We set out to create a bike that isn’t just great to ride but also represents a piece of art in motion,” he said.

“Over the years I have seen my fair share of style over substance; what this bike brings to market is a unique combination of both – state-of-the art technology with a truly jaw-dropping aesthetic.”

To help him create this jaw-dropping aesthetic, he roped in the skills of Daniel Simon. A former designer of Bugatti Automobiles, this German native who now resides in Hollywood has been involved in numerous concept vehicle projects for the film industry including the ‘Lightcycle’ in Tron: Legacy and the ‘Bubbleship’ that Tom Cruise flew in Oblivion.

“With the Lotus C-01, we had only one ambition: to create a unique state-of-the art machine that carries its brutal forces with elegance and style; a high-tech monster in a tailored suit,” describes Simon.

Simon’s signature style is clean and futuristic, which is certainly evident in his Lotus C-01 design. However, he admits that there were many challenges along the way to ensure that the bike did not only have the right look and stayed true to the Lotus brand but was also safe and ergonomically sound.

“The design process of the C-01 was a labour of love,” admits Simon. “We have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical part line solutions and clean graphics.”

As well as the shape of the body paying homage to the original Lotus 49 racing car, the colour schemes from iconic Lotus racing liveries were also an inspiration. Although the classic black and gold is an obvious choice, customers can also choose other colour combinations.

The Lotus C-01 is currently being produced by the Holzer Group, a German motorsport and engineering company, using a combination of carbon fibre, titanium and aerospace steel. However, superbike collectors and fans of the Lotus brand better be quick as there will only be an exclusive production run of 100 units.

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