Combining a purpose-designed, reusable packaging vessel and a cloud-based ordering platform, the FreshRealm Vessel aims to facilitate the shipment of fresh food from grower to consumer faster, more conveniently and in more places across the US than previously possible.

“The key to a successful just-in-time national food delivery service, which historically has been impossible, relied heavily on the innovative shipping vessel that can be emptied, resealed, returned, sanitised, refurbished and reused,” explains Lance Hussey, creative director and principal at industrial design firm RKS.

The vessel’s insulation system and clever thermal design ensure its contents remain cold at 4.4°C (40°F) for 40 hours without any electricity, consumables, or refrigerated vehicles, allowing for efficient distribution by existing transport companies.

The design of its modular drawer system aids convection and conduction, while also providing necessary separation of foods and offering the possibility for multi-person deliveries.

According to FreshRealm CEO Michael Lippold, “We wanted the vessel to be a symbol of reusability, less waste and thinking differently”. The resultant, striking aesthetic evokes the notions of futurism, security and durability, which are appropriate to the vessel’s purpose and the ideals of the project as a whole.

Complimenting this cleverly designed packaging is FreshRealm’s pioneering online management system, which connects producers, packers, carriers, merchants and shoppers via cloud technology, greatly reducing distribution time and improving efficiency.

“Forty per cent of food grown perishes before it reaches the market,” explains CEO of RKS, Ravi Sawhney. “FreshRealm is revolutionary because it will disrupt how we receive fresh groceries. No longer will food be shipped to sit on a dock and then stored at the back of a grocery store to wait to be put out on the shelves.”

Promising healthy, high-quality produce carried from grower to consumer faster and with less wastage, the FreshRealm platform represents a more sustainable method of fresh food delivery than has previously been possible.

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