A jury of 24 design experts from across the globe have been specially selected by Red Dot to judge this year’s Communication Design award – one of the world’s most celebrated creative competitions. The hottest talent – including both established professionals and up-and-coming design sharks from a variety of design industries, such as marketing, advertising and gaming – will get their chance to strut their stuff before industry experts on the panel, including gaming guru Daniel Budiman.

“By taking part as a jury member for the Red Dot Design Award for the first time, I want to contribute to a transfer of knowledge and in a best-case scenario create real interest amongst those who are new to computer and video games,” says Budiman, an expert in the field of computer and video game design and who has devoted much of his working life to conveying to a larger audience the enthrallment of the medium of gaming.

“I would really love to demonstrate the fascination and diversity behind the creation of virtual worlds, stories and experiences to a much broader audience in a way that only the medium of video games and the discipline of game design can achieve,” he says.

In addition to hosting Game One, which holds the record for the longest-produced and longest-running program on German music television, Budiman has also received a Grimme Award for the Game One website.

“I am absolutely delighted to have the chance to take an active part as a jury member in my capacity as an expert for the discipline of game design and am hoping to have great discussions with experts from all other disciplines,” adds Budiman.

Red Dot is also privileged to have South African branding expert Thebe Ikalafeng joining the panel. One of Africa’s leading branding architects, consultants and authors, Ikalafeng will work with the judging team to identify the best projects from within the 16 categories that creatives can enter their work in for the competition.

“It makes me incredibly proud that many of the distinguished jury members have been members for years and look forward each year anew to the jury session, which counts for the most exciting days in the whole competition year,” says Prof. Dr Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot.

“Together with the input provided by the new jury members each year, we arrive at significant and qualified judgements for the design industry. This makes winning a Red Dot a guarantee of visibility at an international level,” adds Zec.

Laureates will be honoured in the creative mecca of Berlin, for the third time. All Red Dot: Best of the Best and Red Dot: Grand Prix winners will receive their awards on stage on 24 October, and the winners’ work will be exhibited to showcase the best of Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014.


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