With the small and lightweight LIX pen, writing on paper is a thing of the past as users seek a new 3D design experience using it to create decorative pieces, enhance fashion, make 3D prototypes and much more by drawing in the air.

We’ve all heard of 3D printers – the LIX 3D pen works in much the same way but in miniature form. Filament is introduced at the top of the pen and as it goes through the internal mechanisms the plastic quickly melts and cools, allowing users to create rigid and freestanding structures. In fact, just as you’d doodle on paper, your doodles can now be created in a solid 3D form right out of the pen nib.

The team, which consists of footwear designer Delphine Eloise Wood, industrial designer Anton Suvorov and marketer Ismal Baran, worked hard to create a design that, although small and lightweight, was comfortable to hold. Additionally, although a great deal of engineering happens inside the pen, it was important that the exterior was attractive. Made from aluminium, it comes in an array of stylish colours, including matte black and matte grey.

Although there are other 3D print pens on the market, the LIX team boast that it has the smallest design with their pen measuring just 164 mm x 14 mm – to fit perfectly in the hand – and weighs just 40 grams.

The pen can go anywhere with you without fear of losing power, as it comes with a handy charger that plugs into a USB port.

In order to get the funding to develop the LIX pen, the founders launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising £30,000. However, it obviously struck a chord – 8030 backers later it reached a massive £731,690.

The team was overwhelmed with the support they have received. “Lix is not only a 3D printing pen, it is a communication tool and what we have understood via this Kickstarter campaign is that Lix is much more than what we thought at first. It brings people together.”

As well as the Kickstarter backers, as news of the pen has spread, more people are keen to get their hands on one. However, the LIX team still have to go through further development and testing with engineering partners. In the meantime, the pens can be preordered through their website for an estimated market price of US$139.95.


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