The world’s most famous and glamorous cities – 12 in total, including Copenhagen, London, Moscow, Rio, Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Dubai and Sydney – have been depicted in a simple yet very elegant fine blue silhouette of a city skyline trim on white porcelain. This stunning tableware collection of plates, cups, saucers and teapots in the BIG Cities tableware collection is by Danish product design firm Kilo Design and architectural firm BIG for porcelain manufacturer Rosethal.

Rosenthal is an established Danish porcelain manufacturer with its headquarters in Copenhagen. In the 1960s it launched its Studio-Line collection that has seen the brand collaborate with a range of famous designers and architects. One of the first sets in this line was TAC, which was based on a design by architect and designer Walter Gropius and his Boston-based firm The Architects Collaborative (TAC). Built upon basic geometrical forms, the set was inspired by the Bauhaus movement.

Recently, Rosethal wanted a reinterpretation of this original collection and so approached Kilo, an idea-driven industrial design studio based in Copenhagen, which is co-located with the BIG HQ Denmark, an architectural firm and longtime collaborator on design development.

“Given the challenge to design the full series and find a decor that somehow created a logical link between big-scale architecture and small-scale product design has been the main focus besides bringing observation and conversation to the table through tableware,” explains Kilo’s founder and head of design Lars Larsen.

The ensuing design process resulted in the merging of a large-scale city skyline with the intimate scale of product design. So, in keeping with the classic 1960s design, each white porcelain product in the collection features a fine blue silhouette of a city skyline.

“Cites are man-made landscapes – capturing the skylines of international cities with the simple expression that the line of a pen would make has created a unique expression of TAC BIG Cities and we are super happy with the outcome,” says Larsen.

In answer to which his favourite skyline in the collection is, Larsen says, “Copenhagen and NYC are home and our HQ and therefore precious to us.”

The collection can be purchased from a variety of retailers and via the Rosethal online shop.


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