Formerly the Australian International Design Awards, the Good Design Australia Awards 2014 program recognises industrial design quality and excellence in products and services in Australian and international markets. The internationally recognised Good Design® Selection and Good Design Award® trademarks give award winners strong differentiation and market positioning.

Good Design Australia presents special awards and prizes for products or services in the expanding field of design including the Patron’s Prize for Australian Design, the Powerhouse Museum Design Award and Selection, and the new Design Institute of Australia Award.

The program also gives awards in rapidly expanding areas such as service design strategy, and digital design. The Hills young Australian Design Awards is a new national design award for young designers, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs, and is also a part of the Good Design Australia program.

“In a crowded marketplace, good design gives companies their competitive edge. It separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, excellence from mediocrity and brilliant from boring,” says Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and newly elected President of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.

As a unique promotional launch pad for new products and services, the program gives entrants media exposure and profile in the world-renowned Good Design exhibition based in local and international locations.

The carefully selected Good Design Awards judging panel is made up of leaders in industrial design, engineering, architecture, software and electronics design, service design, design strategy and communication design.

“The Good Design Awards covers the broadest spectrum of design accolades offered in the world – from the latest cars on our roads, cutting-edge medical equipment, furniture, heavy engineering and mining equipment, to sports gear and everyday products such as toasters, televisions and kitchen utensils,” explains Gien.

“Applying one of the most rigorous design evaluation processes in the world, our judges closely inspect all entries and critique them according to strict design evaluation criteria. Our jury brings together design leaders from a diverse array of fields and countries. After more than 50 years, the Good Design Awards program is amongst the most trusted and recognised design accolades of its kind in the world,” Gien explains.

“On behalf of Good Design Australia, I invite designers and businesses to take the good design journey to the next level and be part of the biggest celebration of innovation and creativity for 2014.”

Enter the Good Design Awards.

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