The Renault Kwid concept car, with its fun yet robust design including its very own traffic-spotting drone, was conceived by a team of car designers including input from Renault Design India.

“Young customers in India are often trend setters, looking forward to pushing the envelope when it comes to technology and enjoyable drives. Kwid, with its Flying Companion, meets this forward-looking spirit with both its dynamic styling and hyper connectivity,” said Gilles Normand, chairman of Asia-Pacific Region, Renault, at the recent launch of the Kwid at the Delhi Auto Show 2014.

The flying companion he refers to is a small drone that takes off from an opening in the car’s roof. This drone can be operated in two modes, either using a pre-programmed route based on a GPS location or controlled manually by the driver or passenger via the car’s dashboard. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as scouting traffic and obstacles ahead or even taking photos of the scenery.

“Customers in new markets tend to take a closer interest in technology and want to enjoy themselves. This concept car meets those needs in a variety of ways, but mainly thanks to the Flying Companion. We can now drive on earth with an eye in the sky. It’s an amazing feature,” adds Serge Mouangue, Renault brand manager.

Other features that will appeal to a younger audience in new markets like India but also Russia or Brazil include the car’s playful buggy-like exterior. The two-tone colour scheme was also carefully thought through by the design team as the grey represents Indian soil while the yellow symbolises the country’s flowers and spices.

The interior was designed to feel snug and inspiration came from bird’s nests. Although compact, there is enough room inside for five people making it a suitable family car. The front bench sits on a central rail that can be adjusted to enable the car to be driven in both right hand and left hand markets.

Although targeted at a specific market, the design team working on the project was truly global. “Renault Design is a highly international team with studios in France, Romania, Brazil, Korea and India. This concept car is a reflection of the distinctly international flavour of our design network,” says Laurens van der Acker, Renault’s head of industrial design.


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