Beyonderground is a graphic design festival that aims to promote graphic creativity and unite graphic designers, illustrators, streets artists and the creative world from around the globe. 

Held annually – biannually in Hasselt, Belgium, and at an international location in the alternating years – cities compete with each other to illustrate how interesting they are in terms of uniqueness, architecture and events. The idea of the festival is to activate smaller cities and encourage hot spots for graphic art, bringing creative people together.

This year, the event will be held in Kellohalli in Helsinki, Finland. The past 10 years has seen a significant shift in Finnish design as the new generation of graphic designers have worked to establish themselves on a global scale. Formally known best for its architecture and product design, this movement has seen the increasing recognition of the graphic arts as well.

“Like Hasselt in Belgium, Helsinki is the perfect size. Scale is everything when conquering a city and its people. Museums, galleries, street art, expos and the actual festival, all connected by a walk and a talk,” said Pablo Hannon, one of the Belgium organisers.

“All people involved open up their hearts and become closer to fellow graphic lovers. Not just any city has this power. We make it personal and so does the city of Helsinki."

This year’s Beyonderground, running from 9–10 May, will provide the opportunity for the most interesting young, up-and-coming Finnish and Belgium designers to showcase their latest visions, projects and methods.

The festival includes workshops, lectures, parties and exhibitions, and lecturers featured are – among others – Kokoro & Moi, Ronny en Johny, Jesse Auersalo, Ephameron, Linda Linko, Rizon Parein, Tsto, Toykyo, Kuti Kuti, Tieten met haar and Ville Savimaa.

Purchase tickets at Beyonderground.

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