Copenhagen-based entrepreneur, Jacob Juul, has founded Bulbul, a genuine Danish designer watch brand, and for its first product enlisted the help of Danish design group KiBiSi. The debut watch, Pebble, is not symmetric, square or round as watches traditionally are.

“Pebble is an asymmetric, organically rounded watch shaped after the pebbles on the beaches of Denmark, hence the name. It’s classic Scandinavian design with a twist,” describes Juul.

Juul’s idea for a watch brand began back in 2010 and in March 2011 he went to the BaselWorld Watch and Jewellery Show in Switzerland. His overall impression was that of a highly skilled yet conservative industry with many brands steeped in heritage.

“That made me want to create a brand that draws upon traditional values while finding it’s own path. After returning to Denmark I contacted the guys at KiBiSi and told them about my idea. They were positive and we started out immediate after,” he explains.

Starting from scratch, it took this idea-driven industrial design firm and Juul two years to develop the watch. “We wanted to keep the asymmetry subdued and instead focus on the craftsmanship when designing the Pebble watch,” comments KiBiBi’s head of design, Lars Larsen.

The watch is made of traditional materials including Italian leather, steel and sapphire crystal. It also features an injection moulded silicone loop in Bulbul’s signature blue. “We added the loop as a design detail but also because we experienced that the leather loops normally used on leather straps often are the first parts that break,” says Juul.

KiBiSi not only helped with the design of the watch but also with the name of the brand, Bulbul. “I was looking for a name that was easy to pronounce, remember and had a bit of edge to it. Bulbul appeared on a list of names one of the guys from KiBiSi brought to a meeting. I investigated a bit and it turned out to be the name of a little bird with a mohawk and an inflated ego. That meaning came across as pleasantly self-ironic,” says Juul.

“The name thus stands out from many others in the industry by showing confidence while not taking itself too seriously.”

Although the recently launched Pebble watch has been years in the making, Juul now has more up his sleeve and will be creating more watches from scratch in cooperation with handpicked designers.

“You can also expect me to explore the universe of watches further and look into chronographs, automatic and mechanic movements as well as new materials,” he says.

To find out more, check out Bulbul.

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