Action-sports cameras have created a big transformation in the world of skydiving. The thrill of being able to capture your freefall on film as you plummet at 200 kilometres per hour towards Earth has obvious appeal, yet cameras used are often aftermarket products, personally installed by users, rather than being built into the surfaces of helmets. This can pose a huge risk in skydiving due to line entanglement, where a small error can have deadly consequences.

Cookie Fuel is an open-face, multi-purpose skydive helmet – designed by Ricardo Sa Freire, a Brazilian industrial designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, for the Australian company Cookie – with integrated camera and audio mounts, created to address and solve this problem.

“This helmet not only provides exquisite comfort and increased protection, but it also eliminates a number of hazards when it comes to attaching cameras and accessories to your head,” says Sa Freire.

Designed to meet the needs of all skydivers looking for an open-face helmet, the Fuel is convertible from a standard helmet to a top-mounted or side-mounted camera helmet that can house Sony, Contour and GoPro cameras, as well as contain internal or external audible altimeters.

Both the altimeters and camera mounts are completely integrated into the shell of the helmet, which minimises the risk of line snagging, meaning canopy lines can’t become entangled with camera lines. And in the unlikely chance of an emergency, there is a cutaway system integrated into the chinstrap, allowing the helmet to be released easily with one finger.

The design of the Fuel took place from the inside out – with form following function. The shape of the helmet contours to the angles of the human skull, providing both rigidity as well as flexibility where needed. There are no unnecessary edges or holes, the exchangeable parts sit smoothly against the helmet, cut by hard creases that highlight those areas and provide structural reinforcement. The bevelling along the edge of the helmet also strengthens the design.

Additionally, as the goal was to create comfort and protection, as well as looks, the Fuel is available in 12 colours, with a matte finish and minimal graphics.

“Every single part of the product was thought through in order to perform like clockwork when needed,” Sa Freire says. The Cookie Fuel helmet is available at

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