A three-tier shelving unit, koloro-wagon is made up of stackable storage boxes with handles, which can be separated into three individual boxes and carried around like baskets. With removable wheels, it can also be easily transported around the home as a unit – even by the littlest members of the household – making it an ingenious and versatile storage solution for contemporary living.

The L-shaped handles have been designed to be gripped together like a shopping cart so it’s easy to carry, and when stood up vertically, it acts as a brace for stacking, with the inside of the box fixing it in place.

koloro-wagon was designed by Japan's Torafu Architects, creators of the koloro-desk and koloro-stool (featured in Issue 41 of Curve), in conjunction with Ichiro Furniture Japan).

As a lack of space is a common theme in modern households, particularly for inner-city living and/or growing families, Ichiro – makers of polyester decorative plywood – wanted to create light, bright, multipurpose furniture that isn’t restricted to a specific area of the house or to a specific function, 

The shelving wagon, which is elegant and minimal in design and created to be used by adults and children alike, can store anything and everything – from books and toys in a child’s playroom to magazines, remote controls or dinnerware in other rooms in the house. The point, of course, is that it’s mobile so it can easily be moved around the home when required, or even tucked away in a cupboard then simply wheeled out when needed.

The wagon comes in a combination of colours – sky-blue and white, yellow and dark green, and pink and grey. Additionally, and rather enticingly, the boxes can even be designed by colour according to the needs of the family members who use them – so, for instance, one colour for the kids’ toys, one colour for mum’s sewing materials and another colour for dad’s business documents.

Such a kid-friendly and playful creation is perhaps not surprising from the same architects behind Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo’s Haunted Play House. 

Local purchasing details can be found on the Ichiro shoplist.

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