The Ostrich Pillow is a quirky helmet-shaped product that provides adults a cosy micro-environment in which to snooze no matter where they are – on a train, in the airport or even in the office. Design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian have now scaled the original down to offer young people the same luxury.

Things have changed quite a lot in the past year for the designers of the Ostrich Pillow – Spain and Switzerland-based design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian – following its successful Kickstarter campaign (featured in Curve issue forty-two), in which US $200,000 was raised in just 30 days. This money was used to get the product produced and shipped to people all over the world who had bought into its ‘napping revolution’.

A year later and with an inbox full of requests for a mini version, Kawamura-Ganjavian have modified the design for younger nappers. As opposed to the original, the Ostrich Pillow Junior features a larger opening so that the whole face is visible through the hole in the front and there is also enhanced padding at the forehead and neck to give more comfort, support and ease for the younger user.

The designers claim that it is the perfect travelling and napping companion for kids over the age of six years old for car journeys, study breaks and general time outs. The design is still in the signature grey but there is a choice of two interior colours – Berry Snooze and Dreamy Waves.

The Ostrich Pillow team have also been inundated with requests to add new colours to the adult version, which is currently available in blue only. So, alongside the launch of the Ostrich Pillow Junior, two new colours are now available for adults, with a design that also includes new enhanced filling. Nappers can now choose to snooze within the calmer Mellow Yellow interior or the zingier Sunset Siesta.

All of Kawamura-Ganjavian’s pillows are hand cut, hand crafted and hand packed by their extended ‘family’ at Studio Banana Things, a multi-disciplinary creative platform in Spain. So, with all this care and precision lavished on these products, it’s especially galling to find cheap knock-offs being sold on Amazon and eBay.

But these fakes don’t deter the designers who know the originals are of a far higher quality that only its dedicated team can bring. “The team behind the Ostrich Pillow are a big family, we all work together extremely closely and are very passionate about our work and this is reflected in design, production and delivery,” says Portilla Kawamura.

Fellow co-founder, Ali Ganjavian, adds: “Attention to detail and a meticulous creative process have enabled us to deliver a fun, functional object and made the impossible, possible.”

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