The results of the Good Design Award 2013 have been announced by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the organisers of the event. Established in Japan in 1957, the Good Design Award was created to evaluate and encourage quality design from applicants from a diverse range of design backgrounds.

With rigid screening of the 3400 entries for this year – which takes into consideration a number of elements, including usability and sustainability – 1212 designs were awarded, including 10 candidates for Good Design Grand Award and Good Design Best 100 as the candidates for Good Design Gold Award and other Special Awards. A total of 794 companies were awarded.

The Grand Award represents the ‘Design of the Year’ and commends the most exquisite and popular designs, while the Good Design Best 100 selects the top 100 designs from all of the Good Design Award recipients, which are decided by jury.

Among this year’s winners are the Curved OLED TV [EA9800] for LG Electronics, Inc. – the world’s first curved OLED TV with 4.43 mm thickness, and a crystal stand; the Launch Vehicle (Epsilon) by Epsilon Rocket Project Team for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency – a solid propellant rocket suitable for a new age, delivering both high-performance and low-cost launch; and Google Maps byGoogle Inc. – an iPhone app, launched in December of 2012, that offers accuracy, comprehensiveness and a clean, intuitive, easy-to-use experience.

The works of the recipients will be displayed at the Good Design Exhibition, which will be held from 30 October to 4 November at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, Tokyo. The first year the exhibition has been held in a central Tokyo location, the event is expected to attract a high number of visitors. The result of the Special Awards will be announced on 7 November.

To browse the work of all the candidates online, check out the Good Design Award site. 

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