airFIELD has been announced as one of the SEGD Global Design Awards winners for 2013, which were presented during the 2013 SEGD Conference in San Francisco. 

Located at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, airFIELD is a dynamic sculpture that has been synced to real-time flight data to reflect the heartbeat of the world’s busiest air travel hub.

A massive 90-foot-long by 30-foot-wide (27.4m x 9.1m), the data-driven art piece is suspended in the centre of the airport’s new international terminal, evoking the wonder of flight with its two intersecting, sweeping forms.

Composed of thousands of custom-made liquid crystal discs that change from opaque to transparent states with an electric charge, airFIELD was developed and fabricated by the digital art platform UEBERSEE.

“This is an innovative way to activate a space through a dynamic piece of sculpture,” said one of the jury members. “The solution and integration of data interpretation to drive the sculpture is both elegant and contextually intriguing.”

The discs are controlled by a custom-engineered computer program. The software constantly monitors a live stream of Atlanta flight traffic data that triggers generative motion behavior rippling through the sculpture. The movements follow coded dynamic parameters, which allow for an ever-evolving visual experience that creates the sensation of flight.

Photos: Jamie Barlow, Dan Goods, Nik Hafermaas

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