German lighting maker Schneid Enlightment have created a collection of stunning lamps made from sustainably-sourced poplar, ash or oak wood. Their aim is to make aesthetic lamps and furniture with a high focus on ecology, locality, innovation and fairness towards people and the environment.

Pirum, Secundum and Volum make up Series A. Made of untreated poplar wood, the light is subtly cast through the thin slats, minimising glare and creating a natural ambiance.

Inspired by the cone of the French pine, Zappy Ash casts a very warm light, which is emitted through the high-quality veneer panels. This translucent lamp shade has an organic appearance and arouses the feeling of nature and the forest in the home.

Zappy Oak, with its oak veneer panels, radiates a darker light and brings out the strong natural structure of the wood.

With the Eikon Basic lamp, you can create your own look. The base of the lamp is made of wood in ash, oak or bamboo. The shade – which comes in mint, white and black – is made of metal and attaches by magnets. It is removeable and interchangeable, allowing users to change the look of their living space again and again.

The Eikon Shell, as the name suggests, is shell shaped, allowing for maximum light to be cast in rooms, making living spaces brighter.

Eikon Bubble is a silicone lampshade that is poured into shape. It has a translucent appearance and an emits a gentle light. While the lamp appears to be made of glass, it’s actually soft and flexible.

To find out more, visit Schneid online.

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