Numerouno is a new pendant lamp made of corrugated cardboard, wire, plastic and nylon thread created by Johannes Kiessler. Designed to be used in the home, it can be mounted in places such as above the dining table, over the kitchen counter, in the home office or above workbenches to provides a warm and pleasant light.

Kiessler is a German product designer with an Italian brain who spent 13 years of his career in Milan before moving to Berlin.

In the beginning, the conception of Numerouno was an experiment, to explore the possibility of marketing a semi-industrial product that is attractive, locally produced and yet affordable.

In today’s mass-produced age, many people lose awareness of the origins of the products around them and how they’re made. In the tradition of Berlin’s industrial past, Numerouno is manufactured and assembled in the central district of Charlottenburg, which is a two-minute walk away from Zoo Station.

Measuring 107 x 14 x 7 centimetres and weighing 600 grams, the lamp arrives flat-packed and is easy to put together and install. It uses one 21W T5 low-energy tube and the height can be adjusted for a more personalised setting.

Numerouno is priced at €89 (plus shipping) and can be ordered online

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