By performing computationally intensive simulation tasks in the cloud, designers, engineers and analysts can test multiple design scenarios in parallel. The computational power of the cloud also eliminates the need for specialised hardware and helps to improve productivity. 

Autodesk® Simulation 360  is delivered securely in the cloud with a pay-as-you-go pricing model that enables product developers to make simulation part of their everyday design and engineering process. It builds upon the Autodesk 360 cloud-based platform.


“Businesses simply can’t afford to not understand how their designs will perform before anything gets built,” said Robert ‘Buzz’ Kross, senior vice president, Design, Lifecycle and Simulation at Autodesk®. “We have designed powerful simulation capabilities into Autodesk® Simulation 360 to create a capability that is well within reach for designers and engineers giving them the tools they need to better predict, optimise and validate their designs early on in the design process.”

Alexander Drummond and Jonathan Cedar of BioLite Inc develop and manufacture low-cost biomass stoves that are safe, clean and easy to use. Their stoves use patent-pending technology to convert heat from burning wood into electricity, which powers an internal fan, creating airflow and improving combustion. Any excess electricity that is generated is used to power devices via a USB port on the stove’s exterior power module.

To make sure the balance between performance, durability and cost was optimal, BioLite used Simulation CFD software, a component of Autodesk® Simulation 360. Heat transfer within the BioLite stove was simulated digitally and the BioLite team used Autodesk® 3ds Max Design visualisation software to create digital prototypes of the stove.

“By simulating many stages of product design and performance, we were able to evaluate the relative impact of different design directions, reduce the number of physical prototypes and avoid overbuilding,” said Cedar. “That helped us save considerable time and money.”

The Autodesk® Simulation 360 software portfolio includes a wide range of cloud-based mechanical, fluid flow, thermal and plastic injection moulding tools, featuring direct geometry exchange, robust meshing tools and extensive material libraries.

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