With an exciting new style and format, the Curve for iPad app is now available for a limited time only for 0.99 cents from Newsstand.

The new app format is fast moving, and very visual - with extra content and video footage - take a look on iTunes and on the App Store!

Just released, the new version of Curve for iPad is featuring in New & Noteworthy on Newsstand in Australia.

The Curve for iPad app is designed to give you lots of action, with heaps of image galleries and video footage that complement each print edition of Curve the print magazine. It's a great way to experience what Curve is all about and to see the best in industrial design on your iPad.

This first edition in the new format, features the Donky Bicycle designed by Ben Wilson on the cover, and Molly the dog. You can read more about the design of the bike, and other stories in this edition. 

The exclusive print edition of Curve Issue forty-three is released next week. Both the print and Curve for iPad editions feature the same cover, with complementary content. So you can enjoy great design editorial  in print and on your iPad.

To download the free sample of Curve for iPad - go to the Curve - industrial design magazine storefront, on Newsstand. And take advantage of the special launch rate for the complete new edition. 


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