Not just eco-friendly and a re-use of discarded materials, the Can-Watch is part of an upcycled range including a Can-Light and Can-Carry bag series.

Designed by Hong Kong based design group, Alchemist Creations, the watch design is an outcome of turning waste into a new and useful product.

The watch face and body is made from the base of discarded soft drink cans. The strong and lightweight aluminium can bases are sourced from local restaurants, then processed and modified. The supporting watchband is shaped and cut from discarded leather off-cuts.

The watch is assembled by people with disabilities needing rehabilitation and coordinated with local NGOs in Hong Kong.

The Can-Watch is designed to be simple and safe to manufacture, using hand craftsmanship and specially designed tools to assist ease of production.

The Can-Watch was awarded a best of the best red dot award for product design for 2013.


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