A consequence of our technology-rich lives is that all of our gadgets, devices and phones come with their own power cables. This often means we have a tangle of cables around our power sockets that we either just leave on the floor or try hide behind or underneath furniture. However, Punkt’s ES 01 does away with all of this mess by stowing all the power supplies in one elegant solution.

“I wanted to make crawling under furniture to untangle cables a thing of the past, and the design challenge was to find an attractive and accessible solution to this problem,” explains the ES 01’s designer Georges Moanack of Punkt.

Available in three colours – white, black and red – the ES 01 is not only a functional hub, with room for five plugs under its lid, but is also an attractive and robust design feature that will complement any interior in the home or office environment.

The ES 01 is the third product from the Switzerland-based company Punkt – following the AC 01 alarm clock and DP 01 phone. All three define Punkt’s core values of function, design and simplicity. Under the art direction of British industrial designer Jasper Morrison, Punkt believes in creating simple products amidst all the multifunctional and complicated devices in our lives. Its ethos is ‘one device, one function’.

Moanack, a Columbian-born, Barcelona-based industrial design, who graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes Bogota in Colombia in 2003 and from the Royal College of Art in London in 2008, is an ideal fit for the company with his aim of designing products that incorporate aesthetics, functionality and design simplicity that enhance users’ physical and emotional well being. Working under Morrison on this ES 01 project, the two have created an ingenious solution to a ubiquitous problem.

All plugs and power cables are hidden under the sleek rounded lid, which can easily be opened by gently pushing down on the rubber power symbol on top. Underneath, a flexible socket layout offers place for five plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes. The cables come out of one opening, which are further tamed through the use of a versatile rubber C-clip provided.

With dimensions of 107 x 206 mm, the ES 01 is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power standard of a wide range of countries.

At the forthcoming Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale Del Mobile) from 9 to 14 April, Punkt will be showing the ES 01. It is inviting visitors to come over to its stand to charge their mobile devices at the ES 01 charging station.

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