The search is on for a unique typeface to bear the Australian capital’s name. University of Canberra assistant professors of graphic design Geoff Hinchcliffe and Dr Lisa Scharoun opened the competition.

The competition is open to everyone from leading designers and design students, to individual members of the public, with a $10,000 prize for the winning design.

“Canberra has lent its name to ships, sports teams, milk and even a university, but there is no definitive Canberra typeface,” Hinchliffe said.

The challenge of this competition is to create a versatile and usable font that will reflect the nation’s capital and home of Australian Federal Parliament - into the 21st century. 

“The centenary year is the time to create something that represents the style, spirit, prestige and character of Australia’s capital city. Each year Canberra produces a myriad of legislation, policy, advertising, press releases, blogs and tweets. Pouring persuasion and passion into print is a Canberra art-form, yet when the letters take shape, however revolutionary the idea, the typeface is likely to be Times or Arial.”

“In this computer age it is easy to forget that the fonts we use every day have been hand crafted by a designer,” Hinchcliffe said. “This competition is an opportunity to celebrate the skill of typographers in a quest for characters that will define our capital.”

The winning typeface will be selected by a jury of distinguished typographers and designers.
The University will have a non-exclusive licence to use the winning typeface for three years to advertise or publicise Canberra and the University.

The competition closes on 27 September 2013. Winners will be announced in October. The competition is endorsed by the Australian Graphic Design Association.


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