Six years ago DING3000 designed the Charge-Box, an attractive box solution in which to hide charging cables for our increasing number of electronic devices. Now, it’s expanded the range to include four complementary products.

The creation of the Charge-Box began in 2007 when the designers at DING3000 received a very loose brief from its client, German homewares company Konstantin Slawinski. “Konstantin Slawinski’s brief centred around the core question of finding and solving problems in everyone’s home,” says Carsten Schelling, co-founder of DING3000.

The designers set to work brainstorming various ideas. The one thing they kept coming back to was this increase in the home of consumer electronics and devices, which ultimately meant an increase in the cables by which to charge them, most of which could be found crowded around one plug socket.

“In our design studio we had fought this cable salad by simply putting all that mess into one black shoe box, which was a simple and fast but not very elegant solution to this problem. This was the initial seed for the Charge-Box,” explains Schelling.

The final product is an elegant powder coated 31.5 x 21 cm metal box with a felt top. The devices were placed on the felt top to charge while the cables are hidden inside. “Our aim with the design was to create a very simple product that solves the problem of tangled cables. The Charge-Box can also be placed either on the floor, on a table or can be simply mounted on a wall in the hallway, for example,” says Schelling.

The Charge-Box has been a popular product for Konstantin Slawinski and last year Schelling and his team decided to complement this product with a range of new products that can also be placed in the hallway including a mirror, a key station, a shelf and a wardrobe. All follow the same design cues in that they are elegant and simple objects made from white powder coated steel with felt features that come in a variety of colours.

“The Charge-Box family consists of very simple and pure problem solving products that are easy to understand and to use,” says Schelling.

Since launch, the Charge-Box family has received a number of awards, including the recent Interior Innovation Award 2013, a well-respected design award in the interior furnishing industry. The award was made during imm cologne – the international furniture trade show – where the products were also on display.

“I think people like the range because simplicity is something that everyone seems to be searching for nowadays,” says Schelling.

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